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Worcester, MA 01603
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"Since I am a "scratch" model builder and Lionel trains operator, I had been looking for a Dremel Table Saw for several years. All I could find on E-Pay were beat-up models that sold for between $100-$175, which were way beyond my budget...until Al found one for me! I shot down there and payed only $25 for one in "like new" condition. I ended up spending $125 anyway, but I came home with not only my saw but a trunk full of machinist and mini-precision tools worth close to a thousand dollars at least! Of course I had to call Al a few times until he had what I was looking for, but as always, he finds what you need no matter how obscure it may be. There is no better place to find used tools on this planet this cheaply, and no friendlier nor more honest person to do business with than Al. My only regret in writing this is that I'm encouraging more competition to visit my "secret" tool source. Bravo Al!!!  Keep up the good work!"

 J.P. Southborough, MA

While I was living and working in the United States in 2003 I was lucky  enough to be diagnosed with cancer&lucky because if I were back in Canada I would be dead now from what is called a universal health care system, which is a lot like communism. Whats this got to do with The Tool Shed? Well, after every treatment session (in Worcester) I would rush to The Tool Shed and buy something I liked, and then quickly rush back home before "the show" started! Buying a tool seemed to really lift my spirits - probably because I am so damn cheap and the prices there are so danm great! In any case, I'd like to express my sincere thanks to the amazing doctors at UmassMemorial that fought for my life even though it seemed I wouldnt make it, to The Tool Shed for helping me with my frame of mind, to the New England people, and especially to my wife Marta.

A.B. up in Canada

"A great store. I've been going to it for many years, at the current
location and prior locations. Not only good prices, but tools difficult or
impossible to find new."

S.C.,  Sharon MA

"Just wanted to say Al has supplied my tools to build a 14 x 24 shed and then
turn it into a woodworkers dream. The prices are great and the assortment is
like nothing you'll find in Massachusetts.

T.N., Rutland, MA

(some of the things I've done for customers over the years:

I want to thank you for setting up the link to the guy selling the portable
sawmill. I bought it and I know I got a great deal. I appreciate you work
even though you didn't directly benefit from it.
Thanks again.
Bill H.

 "The Tool Shed is pure fun and a bargain hunter's delight. I have bought so many quality and hard-to-find tools that I feel compelled to tackle my wife's to-do list. I also enjoy dealing with Al. He is knowledgeable, honest and always willing to help."

S.G., Worcester MA

"When I come home from a trip to Al's place, my hands are dirty and my wife gives me funny looks, but my integrity is intact and my wallet's still full!"

MP, West Boylston.

"Just wanted to let you know - my husband loves the Tool Shed. We bought our first home last summer, and I can't count how many times he said "If I only had xxxx, I could do xxxx" - well, since he discovered the Tool Shed, he has since managed to accumulate a lot of those "If-I-only-hads" and he has done so many home improvements around here. It's been wonderful - being first-time home owners AND with children at home, we don't have a lot of extra money but we do have a lot of plans and ideas for home improvements. Thanks to your Tool Shed, we have been able to do more than what we had planned! Keep up the good work."

     J.B., Framingham

"The Toolshed is a good place to find used tools. Because of the Toolshed, I now use more US made high-quality tools, which are now affordable, and I can replace the tools that I lose/get stolen. . I reccomend the Toolshed."

     M.S., Worcester

"I recently bought a $3.00 air tool from you and you explained that it leaked air. I took it apart and pipe doped the threads and now it is as good as new."

     R.W., Charlton MA

"I don't want my wife to find out how much time I spend here"

     B.W., Waltham

"This is my favorite store"

     J.G., Worcester(and many others have said the same thing)

"It's a Filene's Basement for guys"

     M.L., Worcester

"I have been coming to your store for over a year now,

and I love to pick through the tools. There is always something

different to look at, and you can't beat the deals either.

Thank you for having such a fun store-- it's one of a kind."

    T.T., Springfield

"Best entertainment in town! Where else can you get so much pleasure for so little money?"

     H.S., Holden

"If you are looking to buy good used tools of all types at reasonable prices from a straight guy, the Tool Shed is the place to go. Try it, you'll like it. Sign up for the email newsletter too - it offers info on the latest additions to inventory along with pretty good jokes now and then."

     F.D., Plainville CT

"Good stuff at good prices."

     J.L., Worcester

"Nice prices for quality tools. Very happy with purchases I made."

     L.J., Worcester

"Lots of good deals and you find things you didn't know you needed"

     T.S., Worcester

"It's easier to come here than to go to the flea market because you're doing the work for me."

     B.F., Worcester

"You can't beat the prices--there are the best bargains I've ever found in my entire life. I buy all my tools from the Tool Shed."

     A.C., Worcester

"Wide variety of tools, and I love the bargain table."

     P.N., Grafton

"The Tool Shed has tools you can't find anywhere else."

     R.B., Providence RI

"Right before I came here for the first time I'd just bought a new drill bit for $28. And I found the same thing here for fifty cents."

     M.N., Worcester

"The only place I know to satisfy my tool addiction."

     J.M., Holden

"I don't know what this place does to me...I'm late...I have no time to stop...and I'm here anyway!"

     J.L., Worcester

                  And last but not least, from the owner of the business next door:

"There are so many customers coming and going that some of my customers are asking what you sell besides tools!"